special-fish-dish-wishOUR SPECIAL FISH DISH WISH

A unique and heartwarming story about the special bond between a mother and child, Our Special Fish Dish Wish by author Sabrina Panfilo offers a colorful picture book for both children and families.

The story develops into a delectable meal that all families will enjoy, beginning with a simple and most common question on the way to school, “What shall we make for dinner tonight?” It follows with an idea to go to the ocean and fish for fish to create a flavorful dish. Making allusions to the significance of rosemary and thyme, Our Special Fish Dish Wish serves as a reminder of the importance of holding on to special family memories created by being together and treasuring them for years to come.

Our Special Fish Dish Wish encourages children to rely on their families for strength and support and, above all, to know love is what makes every dish delicious—a most special wish come true.



The Belly Bug Bully is a unique, anti-bullying story about a stomach bug that imposes a virus upon a child despite his continuous efforts to wash his hands. This story inspires children to continue doing the right thing and heed the advice of doctors and moms in order to feel better despite adverse situations. Most importantly, The Belly Bug Bully teaches children to never change their individuality regardless of the hurtful actions and words of others.







In this contemporary world of bullying and not-so-nice peers, Tomey and the Caterpillar is an inspiring story about being proud of who you are and being confident in your individuality. Tomey, an awkward red pony, helps this lonely caterpillar find its colors through personal strength and positive self-esteem.







A lovable story about man’s best friend. A mischievous pup, Cosmo constantly craves attention day in and day out, often getting himself into trouble. Yet, “when it counts, it’s me and you . . . kisses galore, no one can love you more!” This affectionate little pup is one you cannot live without – a true tale of love, loyalty, and friendship.






Sometimes we all feel like a small fish in a big ocean. Waves seem too ominous to overcome and we feel helpless. Guppy’s Gall encourages children of all ages to be brave and determined to keep swimming because things are not always what they seem. Believe in yourself, and your sharks will set you free!